Our philosophy

We will do our best for you to experience Bali’s legendary hospitality with our friendly smiling staff

Bali villas

For us, at Abaca, hospitality is primary. We have formed our staff to answer to all your needs.

Our staff will be discreet enough to make you feel at home, and yet always available on demand from 7am till 9pm.

The villa manager will be available for any special request you should have during your stay.

At Abaca you will have the possibility to get spa treatments at any time of the day in the comfort of your villa.

We will assist for day tour or activities to fulfill your heaven holiday in Bali.

Sweet & Chic

Architect modern contemporary with big open space, full furnished from our custom choice new fashion furniture in a palette of soft neutral colors. Each villa delights with a unique decoration and exclusive interior design.

Ancient pottery

Authentic sculpture of a Balinese ceremony

Authentic sculpture of a Balinese ceremony

This delicate luxury arrangement hosts a sophisticated collection of Indonesian antiques, offering to your eyes a journey through the fine arts and crafts of the country. Sculpted figurines, vintage wooden doors and bas-reliefs, reused as lighting wall panels or headboards, traditional wickerwork and Batik textiles mingle with art works, vintage photographs and designer lamps in a subtly harmonious blend.

All the swimming pools have a big terrace inside the water where every morning the umbrellas are installed making it very agreeable to stay under the sun in the pool.

Antique bas relief